Gintama kagura mother

gintama kagura mother
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The effect is transient, she and Shinpachi later on aids Gintoki to fire the antidote to the affected people. Slowly coming back, they realized their big mistake, and with the help of Otae, return to Gintoki's side. Kagura as a rapper in Episode Umibouzu expresses he would like to take Kagura back to his side, but Kagura objects vehemenantly, saying, "Papi does what he wants, I'll also do what I want. Kagura picks up the phone and falls into a scam, believing that Gintoki is in real trouble after hitting a pregnant woman. When Gintoki risks his life for a "stranger," they help him as well, which leaves them confused, and even more so when Gintoki leaves with a sad farewell.

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gintama kagura mother

Shinpachi and Kagura are walking on the streets while the other; living or non-living have been frozen.

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Kagura Family - Gintama

She and Dai then left for the park. Later on they learn that Kintarou is actually a planet eater who comes to conquer the Earth. Kagura in funeral attire in Episode Knowing her brother and father weren't around, she traveled to Earth to start a new life.

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