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Laura let out a long moaning gasp as he came inside her. Laura stopped wearing clothes round the house and barely an hour passed in a day when Mike was not pumping another load of his seed inside her. Later, when the alcohol had fuddled their minds, they turned to games. Keeping one hand on her 3 month pregnant belly, he fucked her. Shock, combined with a strange, hungry look. He began to angle his thrusts more upwards into the hot blondes pussy, trying to get himself deeper in preparation for insemination.

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They kissed deeply, their tongues exploring each other mouths, one of his hands groping Laura's breast firmly.

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They had stopped kissing and Laura cried out every time he thrusted, as his cockhead was battering her cervix. When dad said you had a girlfriend he didn't say what a stunner she was! To know you have it is all. Jo walked down the hall, his pants soaked from the amount of times he had jacked off.

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