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I'm not saying that she never deserved to be pushed and I'm not writing this to call her overrated. Add to this the fact that their RAW main-event match in is considered one of the best Divas matches of the decade. Still, I was glad to see her return on several occasions, and the huge props she received sure shows how much the fans love her, even though some empty-headed people still remark about her screwing their darling Matt Hardy. A s I mentioned above, Lita was an essential part of all the careers of superstars she managed or feuded with. She might not be the best wrestler if compared to other larger and more powerful ladies, but Lita had all the factors and full package of a special Diva. If we take a look at her career, most of her feuds included Lita.

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Since she made her debut, she inspired millions of people around the world with the unique offense and style she brought to the ring.

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She might have been over-pushed to the extent that she was named the best Diva of her era. Even when Matt Hardy said that they're still friends and that he got over it, fans never got tired of insulting her. L ita made her debut in the early s and showed the whole WWE universe that she's not just another sexy lady and a beautiful face who joined as eye candy. Jacqueline and Ivory were two talented Divas too.

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