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Agree with you Toriyama wanted to draw young Gokou again. Given the big storyline time-gap between this and the previous movie, Gohan is all grown-up here, and that's pretty cool. Kuririn gets one-shotted with a quick fireball, and crashes into some nearby rocks while groaning a lot. What happened to his Movie 8 dub dialogue? It isn't Piccolo at all, but Kuririn in a Piccolo-costume.

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Goten and Trunks go Super Saiyan, which lets them dance around Broly

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Will Broly get a dramatic entrance...

Anonymous August 20, at AM. It looks like Trunks is covered in blood here, which would be pretty dark if it were the case. This movie is somewhat infuriating in everything it gets wrong and all the potential it wastes a portent for things to come with this series , but it has a few really cool moments. They still need an assist from

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