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Brad Pitt, whose name is Frank Harris, takes his mother for a ride on his motorcycle. Frank is not as freaked out by this as you would expect, but cut him some slack. She seduces the hell out of him. That is an important question that an interesting film might deal with sometime. But never for a moment do you buy that the actors and the drawings are occupying the same space.

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He thought he made it up; the inhabitants of Cool World beg to differ.

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The cartoon character explains that he lives in the Cool World, where the inhabitants are known as Doodles. Is it weird to be in love with a cartoon character? His comic book features the characters of Cool World, which he started drawing after he saw the place in a vision. Turns out the Spike of Power was plugging the hole between the two worlds; when Holli grabs it, it unleashes a torrent of Doodles into our world, turning Las Vegas into an obscene cartoon.

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