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She is telling me that is the woman she went to see. Marilyn going to this fortune teller to ask for something dark and clandestine. We move on to a new subject. I immediately felt an odd sort of kinship with her — and not the type where I wanted to share falsified quotes of hers on Facebook or get a tattoo of her face or anything. I thought it was a cat, you see, so I followed it, thinking maybe I could help.

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She, she has a lot of children around her there, and she works with children all the time that are in body — she visits and connects with, so she was able to deal with that.

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Stated he saw visions, heard voices. As I begin to ask a question regarding that scene, Amy does a little motion near her ear with her finger and interrupts me. Me: Okay, so going down that thread a little farther, is she telling you who she did reach out to, or is it just the only people she could talk to were outsiders? Amy: I know she wants to talk about who she really was, who she is.

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