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Hearing about Venom selling drugs, Tank shows up at Venom's house unexpectedly, wanting his money. Our sex together will be great than all,kissing,rimming,carelessing and that deadly fuck of eachother,wow! He tells Venom he hasn't gotten any ass in a month and wants some. VENOM to roleplay with me first We look each other, wondering Venom starts sucking the tip of his dick, which annoys Tank 'cause he wants his whole dick satisfied. Those are 2 fine brothas who I think would be hot together.

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He comes closer offering me some advice about how to stack them while all the long I know he's behind me looking at my ass again just a hunch.

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Fantasy about Venom submitted by Cory from Dallas. He pushes Venom to his knees, sits on the leaving room couch and tells him to suck his dick. Fantasy about Venom submitted by Wesley from Jacksonville. Tank then bends Venom over the arm of the couch.

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