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Much like bad things come in threes, so do widely roasted tweets. It was fun to faux-stan for a night, but people mostly cut it out after it was revealed that she has said some questionable things about vaccines , antidepressants , and AIDS. Whether you were a soccer fan or not, few things felt as good this year as cheering the US women's World Cup soccer team on to victory. The good news is apparently a lot of us were going to therapy in Though some saw it as good advice for creating healthy boundaries, many others saw it as a rather clinical way to treat a friend and mocked it into memedom.

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Marianne Williamson is the only candidate bold enough to propose a witchcraft based health care system.

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At the first round of Democratic primary debates in Miami, much of the world was introduced to self-help speaker and bestselling author Marianne Williamson. Neither the teen nor the child was harmed. We got a whole new youth subculture this year thanks to VSCO girls. Much like bad things come in threes, so do widely roasted tweets.

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