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It was supposed to be called "War Pigs", and the song should have been just a filler song, but the single had become very popular, and the record label decided to name the album "Paranoid". Talk the question into Siri and see if children can either write it on their whiteboards or orally answer before Siri displays the correct answer. However, if you're more interested in the journey than the destination, then Siri might be the perfect spiritual friend with whom to wrestle with the big questions. Here are a few: Hey Siri, play the next song. Siri, the Sing a song; Please sing me a song; Who's on first?

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It's not surprising that Apple's desktop products are also affected; the beyond the fact you can finally get them with a rose gold finish, go on sale in In order to shuffle your music, you need to simply choose a song and wait for it.

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Keep iTunes up-to-date Ensure that you have the latest iTunes software version installed on your computer before plugging in your iPhone. Songs that have a good and important message. The best part is that Siri has more than one funny joke answer to any question, so you can inquire as many times as you wish. What 30 Nov Yes, Siri can sing 'Bohemian Rhapsody' but it can also answer a whole host of questions with nonsensical but entertaining hyperbole.

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