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Regretting every action since her betrayal, she begs Beast Boy to finish her off before Slade takes control of the situation and causes a horrific and saddening fate that leads to his own demise. List of Teen Titans episodes. Season two of Teen Titans featured numerous guest actors providing voices for recurring and guest characters. The Titans defeat Control Freak at a video store and receive a scary movie free as reward. A new villain named Killer Moth breeds an army of insects and unleashes them on the town.

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When Warp, a villain from the future, comes back in time to steal an antique, Starfire follows Warp as he prepares to jump through time, arriving two decades years into the distant future.

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Teen Titans

A seemingly great addition to the team, Terra later confesses to Beast Boy about her inability to control her strong abilities. Due to the limits on his strength while Atlas has none, Cyborg loses to Atlas. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Terra frees Cinderblock, Overload and Plasmus from prison and, through Slade, disperses them throughout the city to take down the Titans.

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