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Believe it or not, yes, sometimes this is okay. How long is too long for an infant to go without pooping? Breastfed babies, especially if they have not started solid foods, can easily go two weeks without a poopy diaper once they are months old.

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Sometimes a baby can have frequent loose stools that also can mean constipation. The most important sign of constipation is that the poo is hard and dry or crumbly and it looks like marbles. Other signs of constipation in babies are:.

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Parents also worry that their babies are not pooping enough. However, breastfed infants may go several days or even a week between bowel movements, using every drop they eat to make more baby, not poop. After the first month of life, if you think your baby is constipated, you can try giving him or her a little apple or pear juice.

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It looks like you're in. Click below to go to the correct store for your country. Fortunately, breast-fed babies almost never get constipated, or hard stools.

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When it comes to bowel movements in exclusively breastfed children, there is a wide range of normal. You might think and speak about the color, frequency, and consistency of stool more than you ever thought possible. In the first few days of life, your baby may only have soiled diapers.

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It seems like my baby has difficulty passing his stool. He has bowel movements regularly, but I'm still concerned. Could he be constipated?

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Breastfed newborn babies younger than 6 weeks old should have at least 3 stools a day. A young baby who is not stooling often probably needs more milk. Having fewer than bowel movements a day is not a problem if the baby is gaining weight well. After 6 weeks of age, some healthy breastfed babies have bowel movements far less often.

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If your baby is constipated, you may need to examine the baby's diet and your own. As new parents, you might be surprised at how much you think, talk, and worry about poop. When a baby is pooping regularly, it usually means that all her pipes are in working order and that she's getting enough to eat and disposing of the rest.

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Breast milk is easy for babies to digest. Every baby poops on a different schedule — even ones who only are fed breast milk. Read on to learn more about constipation in babies, including symptoms, causes, and how to treat it.


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