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More structured games also existed, requiring specialist equipment. Tennis rackets were, presumably, supplied by adults. This is an important distinction for Orme, representing the encouragement of play by those in authority.

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A medieval singlewoman also unmarriedunwedspinsterhusbandlessmaiden refers to a woman born between the 5th and 15th century c. This category of singlewomen does not include widows or divorcees, which are terms used to describe women who were married at one point in their lives. During the Middle Ages, lifelong spinsters came from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds, though elite women were less likely to be single than peasants or townswomen.

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Concepts of childhood Toys give us a positive view of medieval childhood. Demography, the study of births and deaths, shows more of its darker side. The death rate among medieval children was high by modern standards.

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What is a mystery cycle? The N-town Plays are one of the four complete surviving English medieval mystery cycles — collections of short plays, known as pageants, which were performed together in a sequence to form a narrative that begins with the story of Adam and Eve and ends with the story of the Last Judgement. They attempt to tell the Christian story of the beginning to the end of time, from the Creation to Doomsday.

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They are there to nurture a child and love them. Parents also are there from the time they are born, until the time a child is ready to leave the house, and even then some. But what if back in the early Renaissance period, the relationship between parents and children was extremely different?

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He argued " childhood " as a concept was created by modern society. He found before the 17th-century, children were represented as mini- adults. Other scholars have emphasized how medieval and early modern child rearing was not indifferent, negligent, nor brutal.

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Its dizzy heights may have passed, but the fad for adult coloring books is far from over. Many trace the origins of such publications to a wave of satirical colouring books published in the s, but as Melissa N. Morris and Zach Carmichael explore, the existence of such books, and the urge to colour the printed image, goes back centuries.

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It was one of the most exciting, turbulent and transformative eras in history, but the Middle Ages were also fraught with danger. Here, as part of our Medieval Week, historian Dr Katharine Olson reveals 10 of the biggest risks people faced…. The plague was one of the biggest killers of the Middle Ages — it had a devastating effect on the population of Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries.

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How would you survive if you were born years ago? Quite likely you wouldn't! In the past, many of the children born died before they could grow up.

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Baseball was the name for it in the home counties, which amuses me mightily as it's not such an all-American game as some like to claim. My researches on marbles showed that it's another game of antiquity, and the marbles originally carved out of marble. In the medieval period, poor boys would often use hazel nuts for marbles, if there was no suitable clay near them. Hazel nuts [cob nuts] were equally used to play the game then called 'conquers', before the horse chestnut tree was introduced into England in the late 16th century.


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