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Immigration from Latin America—and the attendant growth of the nation's Hispanic or Latino population—are two of the most important and controversial developments in the recent history of the United States. Expanding from a small, regionally concentrated population of fewer than 6 million in just 3. The essay suggests that the explosive growth of the nation's pan-Latino population is the result of the intricate interplay of national, regional, and global economic developments, the history of U.

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Americas Archive. Antorcha Biblioteca Virtual. Archivo General de la Nacion Mexico.

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Supplemental Table 2. Supplemental Table 3. Overweight and obesity status by country and region for females 15 — 49weight, not age adjusted.

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Changes in food consumption, production, and nutrition patterns reflect the broad changes in Latin American history since before the conquest of the Americas by the Spanish. Food was closely intertwined with identity and local worldviews, and while food patterns varied depending on region, class, and local histories, most sedentary precolonial diets were largely vegetarian. With the onset of European colonization inindigenous culinary and food practices foodways began to sharply transform. In areas where Europeans settled, the introduction of Old World foods such as wheat, pork, and beef began to transform the landscape and diets.

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Immigration is arguably the most distinguishing historical feature of Latin America, and of the Western Hemisphere in general. Although it can be said that every region of the planet outside of East Africa—the cradle of Homo sapiens —is a region of immigrants, that label applies to the Americas in a particular way. The other immigrants arrived even more recently.

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UN's top environmental honors go to three in China. German trains collide near Duesseldorf, several people injured. Liu heralds UK partnership in education and research.

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Jump to navigation. As the s begin, U. Moreover, the domestic component of U. With the end of the bipolar simplicity of a generation ago, and the diminishing international financial, technological and military power of the United States, the relationship between the United States and Latin America has changed profoundly.

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Since the s there has been a steady shift from West to East in the international system, first economically, then increasingly also politically and culturally. Emerging markets in Asia have moved up the value chain of industrial production processes and the share of Western industrialized countries in global GDP has declined. Beside the G7 the G20 has emerged as an international platform to discuss challenges of economic cooperation, with mixed success.

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Fusion restaurants are the new style of popular restaurants around the world. Latin America is no exception. Asian-American fusion cuisine can be found from street food to fine dining, and despite its current popularity, has existed in the Americas for hundreds of years. Since the Spanish conquests of Mexico and the Philippines in the 16 th century, Chinese-Mexican food has been a part of Mexican culture.