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Beth Torbert born June 15, is an Indo-Canadian singer-songwriteractressand motivational speaker best known by her stage name Bif Naked. Bif Naked was born in New Delhi to teenage parents attending private school. She was subsequently adopted by American missionaries.

And it was more than a highlight to finally get to speak with the awesomely talented Bif Naked and one of my personal favourites. With all due respect to Ms. Lavigne, Bif is indeed the Queen of Canadian rock.

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Bif Naked born Beth Torbert on June 17, is a popular Canadian rock artist who's been active since She was born in New Delhi, India, spent most of her formative years in Harare, Zimbabwe and Tammisaari, Finland only to be adopted in late adolescence by American missionaries in Papua Nuova Guinea; they eventually settled in Winnipeg, Canada. She graduated from John Taylor Collegiate an The Vincent Black Shadow.

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Born in New Delhi, India, to a pair of boarding-school teenagers, Bif Naked was adopted by American missionaries and moved to Minneapolis. Several other moves preceded her eventual settling in Winnipeg where she enrolled at the University of Winnipeg as an aspiring drama major. At this time, she also joined Jungle Milk, an eclectic troupe of musicians, and married the act's drummer.

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