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The implant is inserted and secured with sutures. Create more definition and projection for a weak chin, improve the overall facial profile, draw attention to the eyes for a more elegant appearance, and increase the strength of facial features. Joshua Zimm.

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A well-proportioned chin subtly augments facial balance and brings your proportions into a more pleasing, attractive configuration. Chin augmentation can be performed with the insertion of a chin implant implant mentoplasty or with a technique that involves moving the bone of the chin forward osseous genioplasty. In my New York City practice, chin implants are the more popular of these two procedures because they involve less operative time and a faster recovery.

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Successful chin augmentation is one of the biggest secrets to creating facial balance. A chin implant is used to augment and rejuvenate the face and can produce a more sculpted and attractive profile by correcting a weak chin. Board-certified top NYC plastic surgeon Dr.

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Communications through our website or via email are not encrypted and are not necessarily secure. Use of the internet or email is for your convenience only, and by using them, you assume the risk of unauthorized use. Individuals who would like to add contour and definition to facial features can benefit from facial implants at our Long Island, New York practice. Cheek implants can add volume to the cheeks for a more youthful and defined appearance, and chin implants can restore balance to the face as a whole by augmenting a recessed chin or offsetting a prominent nose.

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If you feel that your face is disproportioned or unbalanced, you may be a candidate for chin implant surgery. Although sometimes overlooked as a potential cosmetic improvement, making your chin more prominent can create balance and harmony with your other facial features. Having a recessed chin can make your neck look unflattering or make your nose appear larger than it is.

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Well-defined, angled facial features are considered a sign of beauty. Facial Implants are made of a number of inert materials that do not cause any reactions by the body. Implants are inserted through the mouth or through natural creases, so that they are undetectable by the human eye.

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More definition. More distinction. Give rounded features a more harmonious, proportioned and natural look with a chin augmentation in New York City.

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The shape and position of the chin can have a powerful impact on overall facial aesthetics. When the chin is too small or recessed, it not only affects the jaw line and facial profile, it can also make the neck look fleshy, the face appear overly round, and a normal-sized nose look too large. Even subtle changes to the size and projection of the chin can bring about dramatic improvements in facial balance and harmony. Chin implant chin augmentation is an excellent option to enhance chin size, shape, and position, most commonly by inserting implants to bring the chin forward.

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As a highly trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Norman Rowe specializes in facial implant surgery in New York City. Facial implants, such as chin implants, cheek implants, brow implants, and jaw implants, are types of facial cosmetic surgery to improve the contour of your face and replace volume lost to time and age.

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The chin and cheekbones provide structure to the face; they define the face and act as scaffolding for the skin and soft tissues. Sometimes these features are not as prominent as they can be and require enhancement. Altering your bony facial features can improve your overall facial harmony and beauty dramatically. We can help you decide which feature that might be.