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There are no laws prohibiting same-sex relations and there never have been. Gay Pride parades are held throughout Vietnam every year and get strong turnouts, not only from the gay community but the community at large. Vietnam also allows gender-reassigned individuals to change their gender on their official documentation.

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A year old Richmond man disowned by his family because he is gay. Last week we helped four people including a mother and her child. We recently received a call from a young man who had been evicted several weeks prior by his parents after he came out to them.

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I first discovered the city last year when I was researching underrated hipster cities in America. But besides the hipster vibe, there are actually a number of LGBT-specific things that make Richmond especially gay-friendly. Check it out below.

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The Block is an area in Richmond, Virginia that from the s to the late s hosted an underground gay culture and community, with several bars and venues. It was the focus of ongoing harassment from the ABC Department because homosexual activity, including serving alcohol to gay people, was illegal and would result in arrest. Richmond, Virginia in recent years has been known to be a youthful and open-minded city.

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Call it an anomaly or call it irony: While debate and legal maneuvers roil around Prop. To be sure, homosexuality is still fairly closeted — many gay Mexicans staunchly maintain a macho front, and the lesbian scene is still mostly underground — but in general Mexico's attitude toward homosexuality is surprisingly liberal, especially in larger cities. Mexicans do prefer more discretion in public than we are accustomed to in the United States, but gay travelers will find a warm welcome in much of the country.

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A regional tourism organization is now echoing the process a person goes through in coming out to present a city as a welcoming destination for L. A campaign that began this month includes a microsite, or special website, with the address RichmondIsOut. The campaign is timed partly to coincide with the edition of Pridefestput on each year by Virginia Pride.

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I love it. Each European country has its own charms and quirks, and each city its own culture and life. Since then, the world has seen one of the fastest civil rights movements take place with countries enacting similar progressive laws everywhere from the Americas to Europe and, yes, in Africa and Asia, too.

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Germany, as it turns out, is a great destination for gay and lesbian travelers. This despite the lack of federal recognition for full same-sex marriage. Germany is still relatively progressive with its LGBT equality laws, offering same-sex adoption, civil unions lebenspartnerschaftand the legal right to change gender. The welcoming country offers countless cultural experiences—everything from extreme nightlife to wine-tastings in the countryside.

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By Tommy BursonJune 1st, Who takes a gaycation in the Deep South? Why would you ever venture to flyover country for the drag bars?

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Richmond is the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia, with roughly years of history. This history, definitely includes robust LGBTQ activism that pushed the envelope and fought for equal rights in the former southern capital. Activists like Shirley Lesser fought the existing sodomy laws that still existed in the eighties and didn't give up. Richmond is bursting at the seams with diversity, boasting a solid gay scene, much of it in bars and clubs near Virginia Commonwealth University.


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