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Hydrothermal vent biology has stimulated a whole new science of astrobiology. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Rogers said: "One of the staggering things we did find is that these vents are completely different to those seen anywhere else — the animals existing at these vents are almost all new to science," he said. We're fishing in deeper and deeper waters, oil and gas is moving into deeper waters and now there's mining starting to take place in deep waters. They were also informative about the extreme conditions under which life could exist, they told us about where else in the universe life may occur.

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Last week, scientists at the University of Southampton announced the discovery of new creatures in the so-called "Dragon Vent" in the south-west Indian Ocean.

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Order by newest oldest recommendations. We need to understand how species disperse and evolve in the deep oceans if we're going to make responsible decisions about managing their resources. Dr Jon Copley, a marine biologist at the University of Southampton who led the exploration of the Dragon Vent and is also an author on the latest PLoS Biology research paper, said that exploration of the world's deep-sea vents was a race against time.

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