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gay comics archive
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With any mention of homosexuality in mainstream United States comics forbidden by the Comics Code Authority CCA between and , [1] mainstream comics only had subtle hints or subtext regarding a character's sexual orientation. In the annual poll of readers' opinions, Waugh became the first and last character ever to knock Judge Dredd off the top spot as Favourite Strip. Female comics creators list. She's young and experimenting, and did I mention open-minded? Waugh was created by writer John Smith and artist Sean Phillips and his character's homosexuality is frequently referenced in the strip; in his first story he attempts to seduce one of the men he is rescuing. Most of his work first appeared in gay magazines and usually feature sexual abuse. Media portrayals of bisexuality list Media portrayal of lesbianism.

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Audrey. Age: 24.
gay comics archive

In most widely circulated strips, LGBT characters remained as supporting figures into the 21st century, with some, including Candorville and The Boondocks , featuring occasional appearances by gay characters.

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Simone. Age: 22.
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LGBT themes in comics

The characters in yaoi and yuri manga do not tend to self-identify as homosexual or bisexual. Dykes to Watch Out For is known for its social and political commentary and depictions of characters from all walks of life. G-men encouraged steady readership by presenting a better-defined fantasy image, and with serialized, continuing manga stories which encouraged purchase of every issue. The Encyclopedia of Gay Histories and Cultures notes that gay subtext can be found in DC Comics publications as early as the Golden Age of Comic Books , with readers inferring homosexuality between superheroes and their same-sex sidekicks and on the women-only Paradise Island.

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