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Last year around this time, we were working our asses off trying to make a release happen. For starters, this technique works completely independently of frames and animation. So with that, we have additional frames saved. Likewise, when reducing glans distrubtion curve to 0, we're canceling out the glans length slider entirely. To demonstrate this shader, we have designed a hair style in blender using Hair Tool for Blender.

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When reducing the length of the canine penis, we're also making the knot smaller.

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Notice that the breasts continue to jiggle in a strange way when the character motion stops. Using a naming convention, high poly assets are paired with low poly export before being funneled into a CLI texture baker in our case sbs automation toolkit. For comparison - here's what it would look like using rigid body collision instead of soft bodies. By utilizing VDM technology, we are essentially free to sculpt any nipple shape we can think of, and that shape can then be projected into our models.

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