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Kevin Costner actor : Had his own private hypnotist flown out to Hawaii while he was filming Waterworld to cure him of his sea-sickness which was plaguing his filming schedule - from then onwards Kevin was fine in the water. After a change of heart she dropped a huge amount of weight with help from hypnosis for weight loss. He used a mixture of hypnosis, nlp, and visualization to help him to focus and improve his concentration and "get into the zone".. Local Hypnotherapists is what you need for help. More recently he used a stop smoking hypnosis cd, and yes, he did successfully quit. Local hypnotists will help you succeed.

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Winston Churchill prime minister : The famous war-time British prime minister used to often work, plan, and strategize all night, and so he would listen to hypnotic tapes during the day to help him to stay fresh.

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Individual results may vary and many issues need multiple sessions before results are seen. Ever since Matt Damon went on national TV and told Jay Leno that using hypnosis was "the greatest decision I ever made in my life" it seems that everyone in Hollywood is now trying hypnosis. Hypnotherapy certification, hypnosis certification, hypnosis certification salt lake city and hypnotherapy training salt lake city are all great options when seeking a new career. Utah reiki, utah hypnosis, utah hypnotherapy, hypnosis for, hypnosis to will all lead to lasting results and overall peace.

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