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video of penis piercing
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During that pivotal moment, most get you to take a deep breath in and as you breath out the piercing is performed and jewellery is inserted. As the piercer dons mask, gloves and a few other protective items you will be asked to don the best position depending on the piercing again. What you need to know about breath play in sex. Any dressings will now be placed on and you will again have another chat about the aftercare needed for the particular piercing you have received. Follow Olly Todd on Instagram and Facebook.

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video of penis piercing

The first two are piercings and it's the way they are placed that gives the added sensation.

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This is due to the nature of the area and the tissue as well as the jewellery choice. Dr Clare Morrison, from MedExpress , adds:. Aftercare: This will again vary depending on the piercing itself, but generally speaking you will need to clean it a couple of times a day with some saline and this can be found in pressurised cans, wipes and solutions - the piercing may well dictate what type is used as well. There are such a wide range of piercings available to people with penises but the most common ones are:.

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