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female body paint cosplay
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Here Kay poses as Marvel comic character Carol Danvers. Kay Pike, a designer and model from Calgary, Canada, spends up to 15 hours painstakingly recreating superheroes and comic book villains on her skin. I was a fine art painter long before a cospainter so I know the breaks. She added: 'Learning how to draw and paint has been a lifelong practice for me. Kay, pictured here as She-Hulk, posted the results of her body painting on the web and attracted thousands of fans.

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Penny. Age: 30.
female body paint cosplay

The talented artist also films her artistic efforts live streaming the process for her fans to view online.

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Leslie. Age: 28.
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Spider-Man: Model shows off female body paint cosplay

I have been doing a paint twice a week ever since. Here she is pictured after being transformed into Doctor Doom from Marvel Comics. Kay said: 'I have always loved dress up. A lot depends on if I need a wig or bald cap or prosthetic props I have to make.

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