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The art of pick-up has been practiced for centuries, maybe forever. Meanwhile, Tran was swaggering around in a fiery beige-and-scarlet suit. You want to be sober, and you want them to be sober. This makes Tran, as an Asian man teaching other Asian men, a unicorn in his field. Mostly Asian, they ranged from something entrepreneurs, to something graduate students, to late-teens cooks. We use cookies to enhance website performance and to monitor website traffic.

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Zariyah. Age: 25.
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Desiree. Age: 28.
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The Asian Playboy Up Close: How Men of a Certain Race Learn Masculinity

At age 26, he had everything: a Mercedes, a six-figure salary, a seaside apartment on Hermosa Beach—and yet absolutely no one to share it with. Growing up, I internalized stereotypes about who I was supposed to be: comic relief, academic co-conspirator, but never an American Romeo. He walked up to a group of women walking in.

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