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Owen notes to Trent how unstoppable Gwen's team is. Trent tries to continue dancing while on the ground, which Chris doesn't approve of. References This title is a parody of the beach themed film, Beach Blanket Bingo. The te ams participate in a beach-themed challenge , with the winners getting a beach party. Chris, watching from his control room, says he and Justin are both clever and manipulative and may be related, which is overheard by Justin since the two way microphone is on. However, Justin is later shown in the confessional saying he will do anything to win. Total Drama Action 's logo appears in the recap.

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Owen panics when the Killer Grips have to start the challenge

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Beach Blanket Bogus

Gwen and Trent meet again later, make up, and are about to kiss when they're interrupted by Owen, who gets branches thrown at him. Meanwhile, Duncan and Gwen slip away and sabotage the bus they rode to get there so they can spend more time on the island. The cap came off the salt, causing it to spill all over Trent's breakfast.

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