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I want it to be a definite homer right from the pop of the bat. That reminds me of another thing I did not expect from fellow adults, which is that some of them use the ringtone that sounds like an old-school telephone ringing. Really the only thing that would make me hesitate in taking the pass is if I planned on masturbating in that bathroom. I did not expect to be filled with pure rage because some old lady decided to stop right in the middle of the grocery store exit doors, leaving me no way out of the local Giant. I will be selling the dog, though. Think of the positions as primary colors. I realize that only some actors can AFFORD to have such taste, and that everyone else has to take what they can get when Disney has swallowed the industry whole.

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Barbara. Age: 28.
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Sometimes people want photos so they can look back at a show, and I do, too.

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Selena. Age: 32.
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I will not be seeing a doctor about this. Those are the three primary positions. You can pay rock a visit once in a while, like when the Grammys trot out Bonnie Raitt to play a tribute to the Moody Blues or some other shit like that.

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