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sonic the hedgehog cream
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Cream is mainly nice to everyone. Later, she and Emerl train, so they can fight the robot guarding the duct, which is the only way they can escape. She can fly by flapping her ears, but she doesn't fly as fast as Tails can. She only has one action per round, and she has weak attack power and armor. She becomes playable after Sonic rescues her, after Leaf Forest.

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sonic the hedgehog cream

Cream form Sonic Advance 3.

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Cream the Rabbit

Just Cream form Sonic Battle. Cream and Emerl try to escape, but they get attacked by two Guard Robos. She decides to help Amy look for Sonic and Big look for Froggy. Cream is looking for Chocola, a brown Chao with a blue bow tie that is Cheese 's brother.

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