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His fingers rub and caress you, making you cry out in pleasure. Your womb swells, filling up and up and up- the midwife in the village will not see you, turns away when you pass her by in the street at the market- but you know you are as big as a woman with two and three yet unborn. The cold air hits, and your nipples stiffen, painfully tight on your milk-swollen breasts as they tilt into the wind. You lover holds you and rubs your belly with one hand, kissing you softly as his other hand reaches to spread your hole. Sometimes you notice it getting larger even during the day.

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The wild things have caught you, and claimed you, and they seem to sing in triumph as they leave you with dirty knees and damp thighs, breathless from release.

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The trees are orange and black-barked in the night, and the branches sway and creak like your aching hips do as you waddle stiffly down the path, your enormous, moon-like belly leading the way. I will be torn to pieces, you think, either by them or by the long-delayed birth, and trembling, you reach down past the enormity of your belly. You hear the wolves outside, sometimes, and shudder. This is not something they want the rest of the village to know about.

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