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It's a sign that something's gone a bit wrong, but the scale of the problem can vary pretty widely. Sensitive nipples are nothing to ignore. They tend to be associated with pregnancy, and, interestingly, aren't just confined to the nipple: skin changes related hormonal fluctuation can happen all over your body. Of all the several types of discharge we'll get to in a minute, the one that may cause you most concern is bloody discharge. Elliott, as they can be symptoms of cancer. Yes, you can get thrush of the nipples — and it can hurt like the blazes. If inversion happens, see a doctor as soon as you can.

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Another could be an intraductal papilloma , a small, benign tumor of the breast that forms inside the milk ducts that lead to the nipple.

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Why Are My Nipples Sore? 9 Things Your Nips Might Be Trying To Tell You

It may also, however, be caused by a carcinoma in some part of the breast — in other words, cancer. But a nipple that has suddenly inverted — i. Nipple infections are more common than you think, particularly if the skin on your nipples is already cracked or vulnerable because of eczema or jogger's nipple.

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