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Jack Rasmus. In the days after vigilante George Zimmerman was acquitted of killing of a Black Florida teenager, Trayvon Martin, a young Black man in California tried to articulate the despair. As he lay fatally shot on the pavement of the Las Vegas strip in September ofChris Caroll, a Las Vegas Metropolitan police officer held the rapper in his arms as he struggled to breathe.

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In the song, he narrates how the black community in the United States face harassment by racists, including police. In the intro, Tupac receives phone calls from one of his friends about the police beating them for no apparent reason and various crimes that are directed at them, after which he starts to rap. The theme of the song is strongly anti-racist and anti-police, and the lyrics tell about racism, such as store owners following him in the store, and crime in the ghetto.

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As Lil Xan continues to receive backlash for his comments that 2Pac's music was "boring," another artist weighed in with negative thoughts about the legendary rapper. He's delusional. He's a great actor. Part of his music shit was acting.

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My crew of teenage friends made our way to the MGM Grand to catch the fallout of the fight. Upon our arrival, we noticed a commotion on the casino floor. MGM security tried to break up a melee.

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Tupac i give a fuck about this nigga named alazae leave his bitch ass dead in an alleyway forever today im letting them know these death row niggas aint gon' neva play. Twist I'll always be twist Alivay my guess at despence so blood i spit like wrists and so slick its twist two GDS sick attributes and attitudes like i have to shoot put the heat to Slim shady had him fukkin his kids baby a mouth full of Ms bring him through the last circle leave his ass hurtin and his cap lurkin man i can work u stay away from the name rest eminem cause im aimin for the emblin and i could give a fuk about dre and snoop only mad cause the game was rapin you doin four minus to much get your groove crushed a true lust that could make a prostitute blush fuk wat u heard like a dick in your ear nigga beggin dissappear move swoop from the rear im mack cappin, chap style world class chaps until u drop dead and dre stays gay because pac said and it twist from chaps and the last circle if u wanna know who said it motherfukker. Quiero recibir notificaciones de artistas destacados y noticias.

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But the plan is to show you that I understand. You are appreciated. Afeni Shakur listens to that song often these days, at home in the house her son bought for her in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

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These Tupac quotes and lyrics are just as powerful today as they were when the late rapper was still alive. Tupac Shakur was a superstar in every sense of the word. As a musician, he was the face of west coast hip-hop during the 90s. Tupac was one of my favorite rappers as I was growing up.

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I first photographed Tupac Shakur in Atlanta, back in He turned up half an hour early, but my equipment malfunctioned and I had to send him away. I was so embarrassed, I offered to fly to whatever city he was headed to, to do the shoot there.

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You know, in the sinful sense. I had no idea that was such a rumor, but I was barely alive at the time. Your daughter Kidada was engaged to Tupac Shakur when he was killed.


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