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She was a really advanced, forward-thinking, feminist woman. Sara: In the first 10 years of our career, that was really difficult to deal with, because it did feel like we had two options: ignore it or argue with the people in power. And there was this incredibly specific language used about us, so that even when we were being given praise, it was first, "Hey, this band is only for women or queer people. Sara: My questioning of my identity and sexuality started in elementary school. I was really scared about what I started to understand about myself. I was having another fairly significant relationship with another girl, and my mom — I think she just was at the end of her rope — she was like, OK, OK, how long is this is this going to go on?

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Gia. Age: 31.
lesbian teen twins

And so we're trying to pay that forward now, and build and support the community that we longed for when we were young.

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Leona. Age: 24.
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And we are also going to get you guys a publicist, and you're going to start doing press. I am really grateful that we are now in a place where not only do we have power and can address these things systemically and institutionally in the music industry, but we're also able to support and and encourage the young artists that are coming up now to do the same. And I remember in high school, that was the breaking point. Tegan: Or share girlfriends, or, "Do you get your period at the same time?

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