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I am a fansubber for more than 8 years now and contributed a lot to the anime community. You have fanservice, you have relatively developed characters and you have a plot so, as long as yuri anime goes, Citrus is one of the best and most recent options out there. As they got seats apart from each other Haruka was jealous of Yuu as many new potential friends quickly got in the way, and so they kissed to show their fidelity… but nobody would kiss a friend just to prove a point, right? As now we don't really care about straight couples, let's talk about Hanabi's friend Sanae, a girl who secretly loves her after she saved her from a sex offender. Even if they have feelings for each other, part of the "love" comes from sharing a secret and the uncertainty of not knowing what would happen if said secret was used as blackmailing material.

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Eden. Age: 28.
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With every episode, ecchi scenes between girls become more and more common, and they don't even need a reason to flirt.

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Kiley. Age: 28.
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Top 10 Yuri Ecchi Anime [Updated Best Recommendations]

The process usually involves near explicit lesbian sex right in front of everyone. Now, imagine a world where a meteor impact transforms this once pacific bears into killing machines craving for human meat. Sure, there are some plot holes and this story would have been better if explored with more time and calm, but you can always overlook all of that in favor of the sex scenes.

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