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The Hollywood star, in the war-torn region to highlight the work of Unicef, acted instinctively when told that the baby boy was hungry and his own mother had stopped producing milk. The actress and Ugly Betty producer is still breast-feeding her own month-old daughter, Valentina. Speaking to the ABC show Nightline, she said: "I thought about it - am I being disloyal to my child by giving her milk away?

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The web is awash with eye-popping videos - a hamster eating popcorn while lying on a piano keyboard; a newly married couple performing the finale to Dirty Dancing - and I must admit that when I saw a clip headlined "Salma Hayek breastfeeds African baby", I imagined this fell squarely into the "web curio" category. Over the past few years, there have been various intimations that wet-nursing or cross-nursing - women feeding other people's babies - is becoming more acceptable, but the celebrity contribution to this debate has been controversial, to say the least. Infor instance, a Los Angeles-based employment agency claimed that a number of Hollywood celebrities with breast implants had requested lactating nannies.

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If anyone on the planet could convince men that breast-feeding moms can have a sex life, it would be Salma Hayek. The beautifully busty actress, on a trip to Sierra Leone to support a tetanus-vaccination project, nursed a starving baby she encountered while being filmed by ABC News. She did this, she told the camera crew, in part out of compassion for a suffering child, but also to help lift the stigma against breast-feeding in Africa, where men often think women can't have sex if they're still nursing.

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There's no magical age to stop breastfeeding your child. While the majority of mothers begin to wean around their child's first birthday, experts say there's no harm in continuing the process. Some moms—like these celeb mamas—extend breastfeeding until their child is ready to wean off. Get inspired by these powerful words from our favorite uber-boobers!

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This baby was hungry and I was still nursing [my daughter] Valentina, so I fed the child. What was shocking were the hate letters I received. What offended some in particular was that I breastfed a black child.

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The world has burst into a babblefest of gossip about how bizarre this is. There has been an outpouring of shock and disdain, complete with accusations of perversity and child sexual abuse. Salma Hayek is still breastfeeding her 13 month old daughter Valentina-Paloma, for three reasons:.

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I always thought it was weird that women back in the day used to have their nannies breastfeed their babies. It seemed wrong on so many levels. Now, after having breastfed my own child and knowing how much joy it brought to both of us, it seems completely insane to think that I could let another woman breastfeed my child.

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For decades doctors have agreed that breastfeeding has significant advantages for both mom and baby. Mother's milk helps build baby's budding immune system, establishes emotional bonding and even triggers the release of oxytocin, the so-called "love hormone" that is associated with both hugging and orgasm. But what about weight loss for the mother?

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And now, with video surfacing of Salma Hayek breastfeeding another woman's child in Africa, it has many of us wondering how comfortable we might be breastfeeding a child who's not our own. Here's my take But that's just me, and I don't think it's weird or wrong--especially in the way that Salma Hayek approached things.

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Actress Salma Hayek opened up a whole new kind of breast-feeding debate in when a video of her nursing a hungry baby boy in Sierra Leone surfaced on YouTube. Hayek told ABC's Nightline that she fed the newborn in an effort to promote breast feeding in a region that has one of the highest infant-mortality rates in the world, mainly due to malnutrition. And while HIV transmission via breast feeding is a concern throughout Africa, and international health guidelines advise HIV-positive mothers to avoid breast feeding when an alternative source of nourishment is "acceptable, feasible, affordable, sustainable and safe," those conditions aren't often met in places like Sierra Leone where starvation is an immediate threat.


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