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The Pardon : Among the outrageous benefits the Student Council gives to promote Sensha-do, one is tardiness excuses. It's lampshaded again in episode 7, when Yukari mentions the StuG is more of an infantry support vehicle. Around half of Kuromorimine's lineup for the final match consists of heavy tank destroyers. Akiyama may also be a reference to Akiyama Yoshifuru and Saneyuki. Those guns could cause armor plate to crack in half! Key word being "tries"; that same episode she is told that second place really is for losers, as their school will be closed down if they don't WIN the tournament.

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Showdown at High Noon : The final part of the Kuromorimine vs.

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Carter. Age: 27.
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Kuromorimine Girls High School

Even then, we get to watch how they adapt the plan. But damn if it doesn't make the tank battles more thrilling. The limited amount of on-screen exposition is reserved for the tank data. Pekoe, being their tank's loader, is strong enough to pull back and smack them together.

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