Vintage audio amplifier

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Welcome to our vintage hifi classifieds page. Here you can find all variations of vintage hifi for sale, both new and used including vintage speakers, vintage amplifiers, vintage turntables and vintage radio etc. Advertise Your Business.

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Here are the latest items we have available for sale. We make great efforts to keep this page up to date but inevitably there will be some delay before items can be marked as sold. If you see something of interest here then it is almost certainly still available - but you will need to contact us by telephone or email.

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I have no doubt you can score great deals buying used or vintage audio gear. Choose wisely, and you might wind up with something that sounds as good or even better than the best new stuff. He makes his living buying and selling used gear, and he was adamant: when buying gear in person, always listen to it.

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Our inventory can be found at shop. We offer you what the big box or online outlet can't An experienced and knowledgeable staff who's goal is to find you the products that best fit your needs! All of our pre-owned audio comes with a 90 Day Warranty.

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The amplifier in an audio system serves as the central command unit in a way, as it takes the audio from the source, amplifies it, and sends it to the speakers. A receiver, or integrated amplifier, is even more involved in its role, as it has source selectors, speaker selectors, equalizers, and often a radio receiver, as well as other functions. For ultimate simplicity, and cost effectiveness, an integrated amp of receiver is recommended over obtaining and using the individual components.

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A five-year-old surround-sound receiver has all the appeal of a five-year-old banana. But a five-year-old or even year-old stereo amplifier might sound and perform every bit as good as one built last month. Much stereo equipment is timeless, which is why so many audio enthusiasts are getting back into vintage gear.

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If you want more power than single ended triodes, and you do not want push-pull, then you listen to single ended tetrodes. Tetrodes have a more commanding bass control and higher sensitivity than triodes. This bring out the clarity and detail in music.

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The process of building a stereo can be overwhelming. Should you buy new gear or trawl the local stereo shop for vintage equipment? Do you need a subwoofer for music?

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For as long as I can remember, I have always had an intense interest in how things work and how to fix them when they break. Couple that with an equally intense passion for music and you have the reason why I decided to make my living repairing hi fidelity audio equipment. I have been using my skills as a repair technician here in the Seattle area for the last 23 years or so working for various companies.

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Paul Rigby follows his guide to vintage turntables with a look at some of the old-school amps that will bring out the best in your records. The biggest mistake you can make about hi-fi is believing that new is always best. That all hi-fi aged by more than a few years is past it and worthless and not even worth plugging in, never mind using.