Asian sex diary archive

asian sex diary archive
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One of my favourite traits of sexy Asian girls is their pussy. I got access to some of the cute Indonesian pussy he had in Bali and Bandung. Flying out of London direct to Bangkok with Garuda airlines. Asian sex diary has really taken the whole mongering concept to a new level, maybe one day mongerplanet will be a world sex diary and whore mongering around the world will be my full time occupation…. So now is a good time to do a feature on Manila girls. Tokyo Sex Diary has been the toughest to date.

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Joselyn. Age: 24.
asian sex diary archive

Second you would be hard pushed to find a monger who has experienced Pattaya who is not a repeat offender, having been to Pattaya many many times, probably lost count.

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Brylee. Age: 22.
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Asian Sex Diary - Filipina MILF sucks and fucks white guy

I love natural Asian pussy with hair but a shaved Asian pussy is OK too. Manila has a reputation for danger and chaos but if your a monger who loves Filipino girls , vibrant untamed red light districts , then Manila may be your place. Due to work and the need to make some money I am not out travelling and mongering around Asia as much as I used to or as much as I would like to, at least not yet.

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