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bouncing anime
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It isn't just the chase scene. Superman stands in his trademark pose while the bullets bounce off of him, and he asks Diana why she blocks with her bracelets if she's invulnerable like he is. More noticeable in some than others. In some cases, usually when she's trying to seduce someone, her breasts bounce on their own. Most of her major scenes focus either on her flaming blue badassity, or her.. Ikumi Mito in the anime of Shokugeki no Soma , especially in her usual bikini-top getup. Cirucci Thunderwitch has a blink-and-you-missed-it one in an omake.

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Mai from Mai-HiME dresses conservatively, but her somewhat large but not Gag Boobs -level chest still has a bit of bounce to it.

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Viz Video, who released Fatal Fury in the U. On one occasion, she wears a perfectly normal evening gown. The result is a lot of bouncing, first from falling, then from wind, then an earthquake. In a Wonder Woman parody strip, she and Superman are fending off some bad guys shooting at them.

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