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girl on girl scissor sex
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You will use your arms, legs, torso, head, shoulders, knees, and toes okay maybe not all of that. This is a pretty typical version of the position, which involves two bodies reclining on their sides and grinding, swiveling, and rubbing pelvic bones, ideally until you orgasm. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. So usually it is helpful to have someone who is a little bit flexible guide the work. It can be missionary, it can be one person on top, doggy style, or penetration can be involved. Between dry skin, queefing, the occasional fart, struggling to find the rhythms that make your neurons light up. And scissoring, a proper, extended bout of scissoring, was on the top of my agenda.

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Alianna. Age: 27.
girl on girl scissor sex

First off, make a peace sign with your left hand and right hand.

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Natalie. Age: 26.
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A Complete Beginner's Guide to Scissoring

Scissoring, like pretty much all sex positions, can get awkward. Putting one leg between theirs, try slowly rubbing your vulva on their thigh. Once we got to the hotel, I put my knowledge to the test.

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