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The flight attendant upgrades her to a first class seat. Watching Alex's story on TV helped. Once I'm done, she tells me Supergirl helped her. For Andrew Kreisberg, one of Supergirl 's executive producers, Alex's coming-out arc was no "daring retcon" deployed to create waves. While she's one of the show's main characters, he explains, there was something missing from her story from the beginning: "There was always a sort of quiet sadness about her that even I, as one of her creators, could never put a finger on. Needless to say, Leigh was surprised to learn that the character she'd already played for a full season would be coming out as a lesbian: "I was…I wouldn't say terrified, but I felt an enormous amount of pressure that I put on myself.

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Once I'm done, she tells me Supergirl helped her.

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Seeing a successful, admirable character come out on television and continue to have a professional life, a family life, and a romantic life saved her own. What follows is the nuanced, remarkably moving, and believable reckoning of an adult woman coming to terms with something she had never consciously known about herself, and the consequences that has for all the other elements of her life. Supergirl airs on the CW on Mondays at 8 p. From embracing the couple's hashtag on Twitter to responding to the many messages she's received from fans since Alex came out, Leigh has been fully supportive of the fandom: "It's been incredibly impactful to watch [Alex's growth] be so relatable to so many people.

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