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Between and , the use of profanity including explicit references to genitals and bodily functions on prime-time broadcast entertainment TV rose nearly 70 percent, according to the Parents Television Council the use of "boobs" went up 90 percent in 5 years, and "balls" percent. Lifting the taboo from female orgasms and encouraging women to explore themselves at the time when sexual urges hit can not only be a boon to their future sex lives, but also to their self-esteem. I had been looking for a bubble bath and found an orgasm. Twenty-something writer and editor Elizabeth Narins speaks to this in her Men's Health article " Women On Top " about us entering a sexual golden age, with men and women bearing equal power and pleasure in the bedroom:. Irritated, I turned to the side, leaning over the edge of the tub in the hopes of alleviating this problem. More often than not, when women in popular culture masturbate, it is often portrayed as a symptom of their deviance.

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When I was at Syracuse University, sex-toy parties were common among sororities.

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Is Solo Sex The Key To The Female Orgasm? My Jacuzzi Jets Say Yes!

Rewiring the pop culture message could help. Tossing the magazine aside, I leaned into the jets. According to a study by the Kinsey Institute, a whopping 98 percent of male college undergraduates report masturbating opposed to 44 percent of women.

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