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Just then, his name appeared and he had messaged you. Kris Imagine 2 angst,breakup,cheating The pictures of him and a model popped out online circling around viral. Trembling, you picked up the phone and deleted each and every messages,pictures Kris and you shared. If you have already seen the pictures, let me explain. Her next reply caused you to let go of your phone as it dropped to the ground and the screen cracked a little. Leaving him sobbing on the ground, you walked away crying as well never looking back at the guy who promised to be with you forever and now not at all. Best friend name stared in astonishment and picked it up.

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Baffled, you threw the phone against the wall in anger and your best friend kept silent.

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The betrayal and sadness reflected brightly in your eyes. Kris reaches out for you but you flinched away from him. I was drunk and I thought she was you.

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