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We also got photos of the most distant object humanity has ever visited: a space rock nicknamed Arrokoth. In February, Hubble discovered a new and enigmatic "dark tempest" on Neptune that's 6, miles across. The universe is filled with strange and beautiful objects, and we can now photograph them better than ever. Hubble caught this galaxy in profile, giving astronomers an unprecedented look at its outermost reaches. As they get older, they drift apart. The giant storm the dark spot toward the top of Neptune in the image above is so wide that it would stretch from New York City to the tip of South America on Earth.

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An Israeli spacecraft called Beresheet — the first attempt to put a private lunar lander on the moon — also used a captivating juxtaposition in its space selfie.

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27 stunning photos of the cosmos taken this year

Newborn stars cluster together in strange shapes. This Andy Warhol-esque portrait of the Whirlpool galaxy shows how telescopes use different wavelengths of light to see different features of cosmic objects. More distant planets still harbor plenty of mysteries. Hubble also captured images that showcase the beauty of individual galaxies.

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