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gray pubic hair images
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Most of them had no idea, and a few had educated guesses. According to Weiss, the coarse, thick texture of our pubes is evolutionarily similar to that of gorillas. It's likely that you have your fair share of questions about your hair below the belt, questions that you've never even deigned to Google, let alone ask a professional. It happens primarily in people with weakened immune systems, like severe diabetics or HIV carriers. But in some cases, it can happen to perfectly healthy guys. If you thought about Googling Fournier gangrene, don't.

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gray pubic hair images

Simons — is to be believed, a young lady named Maoni Vi of Cape Town, South Africa once possessed pubic hair that dangled down to her knees.

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All About That Bush: 18 Dramatic Photos Prove Natural Is Beautiful (NSFW)

You've been warned: once you've got the info, you can't un-know these things. A little soap and water is more than enough. It was also how your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparent announced to a mate that they were sexually mature enough to procreate, says Andrew Thompson , author of What Did We Use Before Toilet Paper? For men in particular, the practice of intimate grooming is one that's kind of confusing, a catch of too hairy or not hairy enough.

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