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His mom will also tell us about the unique, and often endearing, elements of raising a trans kid. Marie and Suzanne are talking everything from skinny shaming vs. Whitney Way Thore is one of the few fat people on television at the moment, and undoubtedly one of the only fat people on reality TV. The biggest myth surrounding dating as a plus size human is that no one could possibly ever be attracted to a fat body. While it's often demonized as perverse or manipulative, BBW modeling legend Plump Princess is here to explain why such assumptions might not be all that justified.

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Alyson. Age: 29.
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This week on The Bodcast, host Amanda Richards shares her own experience with weight loss transformation or the idea of it, anyways.

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Arabella. Age: 26.
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Princess Plump

Substantia Jones joins us to discuss how she uses photography and nudity to explore beauty standards and promote body acceptance. Marie Southard-Ospina is joined by fashion blogger and fat activist Ushshi to discuss the history of the body and fat positivity movement and everything you need to know about the community. All the while, fat women in particular are bombarded with rule upon rule of styles they can and cannot wear.

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