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hthstudios twitter
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User - 11 Jul 19 I've been doing what i can by word of mouth. Those are Patreon's requirements. User - 20 Jan 19 Keep up the good work! Take however long it's needed both of you. This is the final stage of the flash version since adobe's pulled the plug on their products. Almost 0 load times on the testing computer and our oldest machine at the studio.

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Lennon. Age: 24.
hthstudios twitter

Everyone has been super supportive about everything over the past month and we hope you can hang in there while we get this sorted so we can finally get back to a regular work routine.

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Jaliyah. Age: 27.
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The focus is only on active characters for rotations. Join in on the votes and get your chance for some exclusive HTH Studios products. The reason RLD's Flash archive took so long was the attempt at fixing bugs that sunk more time than it was worth.

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