Fallout 2 centaur

fallout 2 centaur
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This kind of centaur can be encountered both in the West and the East of the former United States. Campbell than the version, The Thing From Another World which featured a walking plant-man in which said alien entity consumes genetic material from various dogs and humans, eventually producing such a misshapen chimeric appearance. The two heads are seemingly aware that they are not separate creatures, as the dog head can be seen trying to gnaw on the humanoid head. This type of centaur retains the hands, arms and only the human-like head of its two-headed "cousins. Midwest Fallout Tactics , Van Buren.

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fallout 2 centaur

Centaur Clancy Twin centaur.

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In General

Having been exposed to much more radiation than regular centaurs, they have significantly more muscle mass as well as thick clusters of tumors growing from their backs. A cluster of wriggling fleshy tentacles bloom out from their underside, scrabbling at the ground around them. Their birthplace, like the super mutants, is Vault

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