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The Amalekites were a culture of bandits who followed behind the Israelites during the whole "forty years wandering the desert" thing and picked off the children and elderly for the heck of it. She goes on to implant bombs in innocents and carry out an indiscriminate Brockton Bay-wide bombing spree. Whether they are to be believed is open to question of course their flip-flopping makes it clear that they are obviously lying through their teeth. This family is one Asshole Victim after another. While the Real Life violent deaths of certain dictators and certain kinds of criminals might qualify for this trope, which ones qualified and which ones didn't would be endlessly debated, depending on your perspective, so we kindly ask that you refrain from adding any real life examples. As noted in Chronicles, his death was " Pretty much anytime Chaos forces turn on each other is an example of this trope.

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In one version of one story, the gods make a bet a giant to build a wall for Valhalla under a certain time limit, and put Freya, the goddess of love, up for stakes.

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While this has invited sympathy and even feminist interpretations in modern times, the actual Jewish legends about Vashti paint her as a petty tyrant who forced her Jewish slaves to strip naked and work on the Sabbath. As noted in Chronicles, his death was " Inverted in Kill Doctor Lucky. All The Hunyak says is that she didn't do it which makes her more believable.

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