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He went down on her with a thoroughness and enthusiasm that until that point had been only reserved for the white heroines of the paranormal romance novels I devoured. Your February Horoscope. In fact, out of the many plastered on the walls of my dorm room, Colin Farrell was the first one to demonstrate that he might be physically attracted to someone who looked like me. I tried to find the formula for what I perceived as her success in every crevice of her body. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. There was no indication that a black woman would ever be someone these men would be interested in; not from their personal lives nor the films they starred in. Colin Farrell would eventually sue Narain for the release of the tape that I took such solace in.

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Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain Sex Tape

In the privacy of my room, I watched that sex tape with both a clinical eye and an imaginative one, comparing myself to her in an effort to figure out what it took for a black woman to snag herself a Hollywood heartthrob. But these days, those picturesque frames of Farrell in the hazy Louisiana woods are all I need. The genres of TV and film I watched skewed white. It was simply about the twisted way it finally made me feel wanted by the men Hollywood wanted me to love.

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