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If the colour doesn't return straight away, the bandage may be too tight, so you should loosen it. Before placing a tubular bandage over an injury, you may need to cut it to a smaller size. Triangular bandages Triangular bandages can be used as large dressings, as slings to support a limb, or to secure a dressing in place. Apply the bandage firmly, but not tightly, and secure the end by folding it over and tying a knot in the end. As soon as the bandage is on, ask if it feels too tight and check the circulation by pressing on a fingernail or a piece of skin until it turns pale. Tubular bandages are used to hold dressings on fingers or toes, or support injured joints.

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You can also use a safety pin, tape or a bandage clip.

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Ones made of tubular gauze can be placed over fingers or toes, but don't provide any pressure to stop bleeding. They're made of seamless fabric tube. If you're using a triangular bandage to support a lower limb or large dressing, fold it in half horizontally so the point of the triangle touches the middle of the long edge.

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