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chris redfield x piers nivans
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They manage to find a way out just has a missile is hitting down. Chris recognizes the woman as Sherry Birkin. Hearing this, Piers moves toward him quickly, shocked and ecstatic that Chris remembers. As Piers and team are looking over their fallen comrade being picked up, Chris comes walking up behind them. Chris and Piers are left helpless as they watch their teammates turn into Napads.

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Mabel. Age: 28.
chris redfield x piers nivans

Chris and Piers serve in the North American Alpha Team, Chris being the team captain and Piers being the first lieutenant, along with their other teammates.

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Sara. Age: 28.
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Seeing how Neo-Umbrella is after them, Chris, Piers and team help them by taking out the hostiles surrounding them. Mutating, Chris and Piers have no choice but to kill him. Going back for the snake-like B.

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