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Nageki no Kenkou Yuuryouji is the story of Hiroe Ogawa. So if you like demon girls, lots of sex, and lesbians well. But when Takedo ends up in a car accident with an average woman named Yukie Kitazawa, he sees his chance to have a sex slave of his own. With its unique sci-fi setting, Uchuu Kaizoku Sarah has a different plot from many other hentai, and you can bet the sex also takes advantage of its setting to add in extreme elements like aliens and tentacles. The second volume is all about two women named Sayaka and Misuzu. As they grew up having parted ways, Momoko forgot about the encounter.

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Heaven. Age: 22.
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It's a lot of girls for one hentai, but the more the merrier, right?

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Anabelle. Age: 25.
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It's definitely worth a try for lesbian hentai lovers looking for something new and dirty to watch! But the darkness spreading across the galaxy is about to catch up with her. If you're looking for a lot of lesbian stories all at once, G-Taste has got you covered.

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